Thursday, November 5, 2009

Floating investment properties leave you with no limits!

Remember, purchasing investment properties is a big deal. You should always start out small and work your way up, so you can learn the business and decide if it’s right for you.

Houseboats are more than meets the eye as investment properties

If you’re an avid water sports fan, love the lake or intend to rent or sell to people that love weekends at the lake, then the smaller houseboat investment properties may be right up your alley. Built on aluminum hulls, these condos take up less room and are less roomy than their larger, more expensive counterparts.
If your houseboat will be kept in the South, you’ll be able to rent it nearly year round due to the higher temperatures—and that means a larger and quicker return on your investment.

If you can’t afford the grandeur of floating cruise liner condos, try houseboats

For most people, the idea of spending $3.7 million dollars on a condo is enough to make your heart stop. But never fear, even if you don’t have $4 million just sitting around, you can still purchase a floating investment property—the middle class way. All you have to do is search out a floating houseboat condo. While this may be the “poor man’s” floating investment, these condos come with all new appliances, have one or two bedrooms and still feature a “parking” place for your boat.
And just like the more expensive floating investment properties, they have all the comforts of a real home.

Don’t take floating investment properties for granted—they’re costly!

For the SS Celebrity Solstice, the cost to purchase one of these floating investment properties will cost you—between $3.7 million and $40 million! These liners often offer “parking” for your jet skis and sailboats and even have a helipad—in case you want your friends to “come over” for the weekend or just to play golf on the full golf course.
The other reason these floating investment properties are so popular is because they travel all over the world—staying on one of these liners for a year could mean that you “move in” in New Orleans and wake up at a different port of the world each morning, whether it’s the Bahamas, the Amazon or even the Antarctic.

Floating Investment Properties Can Help You Make Cash!

Floating investment properties have become one of the most popular types of investments in the world. But what exactly are floating investment properties. These properties are condos housed on cruise liners, like the SS Celebrity Solstice. Owners rent these condos out to other people for as little as six weeks and up to as long as a year!
All of these types of properties have full kitchens with appliances, balconies, living space, full bathrooms and all the creature comforts of home. By purchasing one of these condos you are creating a veritable “staycation” for people who love to cruise!